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Hi! My name is Felicity, I am a 20 year old licensed esthetician who was born and raised in Chicago,Illinois. Growing up I didn't have to put emphasis on my skin at all. I would wake up, do the bare minimum, and everything was perfect. This was how I lived my life until my sophomore year in high school when I was diagnosed with skin lupus. I had to learn different ways to maintain my condition through a variety of products and diet changes. Having to make these changes and keeping a close eye on how everyday habits can affect my skin led me to want to dive deeper into the skin care industry. I decided to take a leap of faith fresh out of high school and got licensed as an esthetician, and am now pursuing a career in dermatology. My goal is to spread awareness and new information to young adults dealing with eczema, acne, stress and trauma. These newfound "boujee" habits can be passed down for generations to come so that everyone can be confident in their own skin. I know that self care is not always prioritized in black communities, so I feel obligated to be the change that I would like to see. 

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